Who to contact

Advisory Board Members

Sean Burke


635 VanDiest Rd.                        703-999-3901                 cqburkes@gmail.com

Kim Klemish 

1800 Van Diest Rd.                      775-621-8508                 k.klemish@yahoo.com

Linda Workman

Vice Chair
4105 Logan Rd.                            775-403-0290                lwbearspaw1@gmail.com

Tish Barringer

Good Choice Road                        775-625-0703                 tish1968@hotmail.com

Paul Schlehr

VanDiest Road                            775-304-0741                   paul.schlehr@gmail.com

WebMaster-Kim Klemish – email for website: grassvalleynevada@gmail.com

Voter Registration

Lacy Donaldson – Pershing County Clerk-Treasurer 

398 Main Street

PO Box 820     Lovelock, NV 89419

Phone (775) 273-2208    Fax (775) 775-273-3015


Pershing County Commissioners 2021 


Larry Rackley – Chair                          lrackley@pershingcountynv.gov   

Shayla Hudson – Vice Chair               shudson@pershingcountynv.gov

Carol Shank – Commissioner            cshank@pershing countynv.gov

Contact for Pershing County Commissioners:

PO Box Drawer E     Lovelock, NV 89419

Phone: (775) 273-2342          Fax (775) 273-5078



Karen Wesner – Administrative Assistant/HR Representative – kwesner@pershingcountynv.gov



Bryce Shields District Attorney 273-2613
Lacey Donaldson Clerk-Treasurer 273-2208
Karen Wesner Admin. Assistant 273-2342
Sheriff Dispatch 623-3906
Sheriff Jerry Allen 273-2641

Go to www.pershingcounty.gov for additional information and offices at the county.

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