GVAB October 28th 2019 Meeting Minutes


Grass Valley Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes

Monday, October 28th, 2019

Attending Board Members: Board members: Sean Burke, Linda Workman, Kim Klemish, Tish Barringer & Paul Schlehr.

  1. Meeting Called to Order: 7:00 PM
  2. Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. The September minutes were approved as submitted.
  4. Public Input: Roger asked about burning season and burn barrels. Please call dispatch if you are burning anything besides burn barrels. Roger also said that since we have not had the goats out for a while please make sure you are careful with the fire fuel we have here in the valley. Sean followed up that we do have a lot of fire fuel that is still flammable. Also if you have burn barrels please try to have 30’ of clear space and a metal grate over the barrel to keep the sparks in. The cattle guard and Grass Valley road is in bad condition as far as the road itself and the weeds along side of it. Sean said that the road has been brought to the Commissioners attention and is being discussed.
  5. Current upcoming Events – Turkey Bingo is Friday November 22nd at 7PM. Future Events – Town Hall Meeting with the County Commissioners will be in the Spring March/April 2020. Please let any of the Board Members know of any new ideas for events.
  6. Update from Paul Schlehr from discussion at the last County Commissioner meeting: Paul said there was discussion about the zip code that we are trying to get for our area as it’s a lengthy process. Roger asked about the zip code change and how it would affect the delivery of the mail. Sean stated that Commissioner Rackley has been working on getting a contractor for the cattle free fencing.
  7. Update from County Commissioner: Commissioner McDougal brought up that they are looking at the levels of the fines for littering in the area. He also said that citizens are not securing their loads as they are going to the dump and signage is being considered for this as well. Mr. McDougal also brought up how they publish the agenda for the Commissioner meetings. It does not go into the Review Miner for the following reasons: Cost & timeframe, as they have their agenda items open until the last day so they can accommodate as much on the agenda as possible. Mr. McDougal brought up the lighting for the Community Center is very dim in the night. He is going to see if they can put in brighter lighting. Sean stated that the existing lighting was installed by a volunteer. Mr. McDougal said that he is going to check on the budget for the Community Center and see where the building maintenance is at and if need be the lighting and signage can be included on the next budget. Paul brought up the posting of the meeting minutes being posted and when. Kim stated that they are online and Sean said that he gets a hard copy and will have them available.
  8. Sheriff’s Office – Report & update: Deputy Nicholson is present as the Sherriff is working the jail. Sean asked about the replacement for Deputy Reed and coverage for the area. Deputy Nicholson, not speaking for the Sherriff, said they are looking for more deputies. Mr. McDougal said that the shortage is Statewide, unfortunately. Sean updated that the fire dept is fully staffed and is doing well & the County is going to fund a new truck for the fire departments in Pershing County within the next few years.
  9. Guest Speaker – Tina Burke: Gave a presentation on pet care 101. Also spoke about a Veterinary Technician position and the classes involved. Also spoke about pet wellness exams and the importance of vaccinations for your pets. Tina spoke about micro chipping and spay/neutering as well. Tina also spoke about the diets for your pets and to look for the American Animal Food Control Officials (AAFCO) on the pet food bag, as they actually test the food. Also please don’t over feed your pet. Also, pay attention to your pet’s teeth & gums for the plaque and tartar build up. Tina had handouts for pets well being available. Deputy Nicholson asked that we keep track of our paperwork form the vet as that is super important if there is a problem.
  10. Public Input – A resident asked about the cost of the cattle free fencing and if it’s going to be a burden to the county he would like to fight that as he thought it was a responsibility by the BLM & also asked Deputy Nicholson about the Red Flag Law. He also asked about getting the prisoners out here to pick up the trash. Sean advised that we have looked into the NDF crew and its thousands of dollars. Sean also said that Judge Stevens does send detainees out in the area for work credits when possible. Deputy Nicholson said that he cannot speak on behalf of the Sherriff and did say that he was not coming door to door for any ones guns. It was stated that the Sheriff spoke about this at the last meeting which brought up that the minutes from the GVAB should be posted. Sean did state that the GVAB minutes are posted on the Grass Valley website and a hard copy is available at the meetings if needed. Roger spoke about the cattle free fencing and some of the history of the cattle and damages etc. Commissioner McDougal said that he cannot speak about the responsibility without seeking the advise form the legal council and that the County has taken on the responsibility to repair the fencing. Bryce Shields, our Pershing County DA, spoke about the cattle and the fencing and that the cattle owner is responsible for damages as they cannot let their cattle come in regardless of the fencing.  There is a small assessment in place at this time.  If residents want the assessment increased then that is something they would have to go to the Commissioners to have increased.  Bryce also spoke about the comments about the fencing being BLM and that information is contrary to the information that he has and is willing to go through information if needed.  There are sections that the BLM is responsible as well as areas that the county was gifted and is repairing. Our Sheriff does not have a way to pick up cattle in the cattle free area, so they call the owner and usually the owner comes out and gets the cattle. The County is in the process of repairing what needs to be done.
  11. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM and please display your house numbers!



Kim Klemish

Secretary, Grass Valley Advisory Board

Grass Valley Advisory Board Meeting Minutes Monday, February 23rd, 2020

Grass Valley Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 23rd, 2020

Attending Board MembersBoard members: Sean Burke, Kim Klemish, Tish Barringer and Linda Workman.

  1. Meeting Called to Order: 7:00 PM
  2. Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. The January, 2020 minutes were approved as submitted.
  4. Public Input: Torrie Apperson has it out on Facebook that she has petitions to recall Sisolak if anyone wants to sign one.

Roger complimented the Board. Noticed there was a lot of discussion on litter again. Recommends the County raise the fine for littering to $999. Bryce pointed out that it’s a misdemeanor so they can’t fine more than $1,000. At the Humboldt landfill there’s a sign that says $2,000 fine for littering. The litter is getting worse and the Californians are moving in and taking over. Sean asked Deputy Rogers if he knew anything about that. Deputy Rogers stated that the road department is working on new signs, working on the wording.

Bonnie Perrina came to the meeting because she’s been making her property payments to Jake VanDiest and they haven’t received a statement for January or February and wanted to know if Jake was doing the same thing to everyone else. Asked what’s up with this and is there anything that can be done about it. Don Stripe stated he has not received a water bill since last October. Linda said Jake apologized on Facebook and has been trying to get caught up. Kim suggested calling the Public Utility Commission as they govern the Dutchman Water Company. Sean said he’d mention it to Bryce just so he’s aware of it.

  1. Current upcoming Events –Recap events for 2020. We had a conflict with the previous date for the Candidate’s Night, so we moved it to September 26th. We have four major events planned. Saturday, April 25th, a health fair put on by Pershing General Hospital, starting at 9:00 a.m. Next, there will be a Town Hall Meeting, June 27th, a joint meeting between the Advisory Board and the County Commissioners, starting at 10:00. Lunch, served by the Fire department, will follow. September 26th, Candidate’s afternoon. Last event of the year, Turkey Bingo, November 20th. Commissioner McDougal asked if the above dates would be in lieu of the regular Monday night meeting. Sean asked to put the issue on the agenda for the next meeting to clarify.
  2. Update from Paul Schlehr from discussion at the last County Commissioner meeting: Paul was unable to attend tonight’s meeting due to a previously scheduled appointment in Reno.
  3. Update from County Commissioner:  Commissioner McDougal was unable to attend the last commissioner meeting due to being at home sick in bed. Had nothing specific to report. Sean attended, but there wasn’t a significant amount of information that affected Grass Valley. There was some discussion about the new diesel fuel tax. Torrie asked if there has been anything new with the zip code. Commissioner McDougal said it would take an act of Congress, but Commissioner Shank is working on it. Commissioner McDougal announced that he will not be running in the next term when his term expires at the end of this year. He strongly encouraged anyone who was interested in running for his seat.
  4. Sheriff’s Office – Report & update: Sherriff Allen was not present. Deputy Rogers advised that Deputy Nicholson had been writing tickets in the valley and people seemed to be slowing down. Mentioned arson of a vehicle up in the canyon. They are getting closer to finding out who did it. Cletus asked about the Sheriff having the honor camp come out and clean up the roads. Deputy Rogers said they’d been talking about getting a reserve and some of the inmates out to get started on that project. Sean mentioned that with the new cattle free zone fence being completed there have been instances of people leaving the gates open. Troy Genzel (sp?), recently moved into the area. Lives on Mason Rd., not a county maintained road, asked if they would clean along that area as well. Discussion followed then Sean explained that road clean-up efforts have traditionally been focused on Grass Valley between the cattle guard and the transfer station because that is where a lot of the trash is coming from.
  5. Sean gave the update for the Fire Department– They’ve had a fairly busy year this year. So far, they have had 8 or 9 calls. One was a car fire. Sean provided a handout and discussion on the dangers of burning cars and toxic fumes. Troy asked Sean if there are programs for teaching us how to handle such a situation. There are, but currently not in this county. Sean put in a plug for joining the fire department.
  6. Guest Speaker – Christie Scilacci w/Dept. of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS): Programs at NRCS help farmers, ranchers, agricultural producers to address any resource concerns they have on their properties, it could be any soil, water, air, plants, animals; for instance irrigation systems that are passed their lifespan that need upgraded. You can go in and fill out an application. They do a cost-sharing program. They have a couple different programs. They can put in livestock pipelines, water troughs, and solar pumps. Cletus asked about noxious weeds, Christie said they can come out and help with that. Sean asked what they would do about the weeds. They call it herbaceous weed control. You have to meet all the qualifications for their programs. Brought some fact sheets and applications.
  7. Public Input – Judy Poche talked about the Mormon crickets and the meeting she went to in Humboldt County. Jeff Knight, state entomologist. Need to call him when we find crickets. They are going to do some spraying and baiting, but not on private property. Commissioner McDougal said he would contact Jim French to find out what the commissioners in Humboldt County are doing.

Deputy Rogers trying to set up a domestic violence program where people can come to the community center and get information.

  1. Sean reiterated the importance of displaying your house numbers. Street address in Grass Valley are not sequential and they are not given any names when they are dispatched to an address so they don’t know to whose house they are going. The meeting adjourned at 7:59 p.m.

Submitted by:

Tish Barringer