Grass Valley Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes & Candidates Night

Monday, June 25, 2018 

Attending Board Members: Board members: Sean Burke, Kim Klemish, Linda Workman, Tish Barringer & Paul Schlehr.

  1. Meeting Called to Order: 7:00 PM
  2. Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. The May minutes were approved as submitted.
  4. Public Input: Jack Pardick said the burn area is looking great but concerned about nails after burning. Sean said that he has asked the County to blade the area since they have burned and push approx the top 2” of dirt to the back. Burn area has been burned twice now. Someone has put tires in burn area and the fire dept had to take them out. Otherwise has been good so far. Tish asked about the access for the mailboxes at Dutchman Drive as it’s getting difficult to get in and out of the mailbox area. We are going to check and see who’s responsible for the area.
  5. Update from Paul Schlehr from discussion at the last County Commissioner meeting.

Paul went over the few things that needed to be repaired at the Community Center. We need handles on our doors, the roof repair and getting the weeds done.    

  1. Update from County Commissioners.

Mrs. Shank said Paul has been doing a good job with keeping us updated. She also stated that our DA Bryce Shields is working on getting a quote on repairing the fence for the Livestock free area. Sean asked about who the commissioner was that oversees the road dept. Carol advised that is Commissioner Rackley, as he also oversees the buildings and grounds as well. Sean asked about what the master plan to repair Grass Valley Road. Carol stated that Dan has been out to the area and has looked at the road and is aware that it is deteriating faster than he was aware.

  1. Sheriff’s Office Report & Update.

No report. Nobody present.

  1. Fire Department Report & Update.

Sean stated the burn ban is in effect as of July 1st. However if you burn be cautious as its 100 degrees out. Remember the burn area is open if you need to get rid of your debris. Carol asked if residents are supposed to call dispatch. Sean said yes residents are supposed to call in if they want to burn. Tish asked when the Fire dept cooking for us again. Sean stated that they could do something at the craft fair in August.  We also were thinking of expanding the craft fair and including a rummage sale as well.

  1. Guest speaker: Fran Machado – Pershing County Code Enforcer.

Fran has 190-200 open, active cases out here in the Grass Valley Area. A lot of the complaints are too many vehicles, abandoned mobile homes & living in camp trailers, etc. Most people are working on their issue, however some are very slow, but making progress. She cannot discuss any certain property in detail, but she is actively working on all complaints.  There is a process and it can be lengthy for some. Some of the places have taken 30-40 years to get the way they are it will take time to clean them up.  If anyone has any concern, please call Fran at the DA’s office or go online and she will work on it. Fran went over the process she follows of code enforcer. We do have the process and complaint forms are on the board at the Community Center. Fran also stated that the complaints are anonymous. Fran also said that she can also do the complaint if she out driving around. The assessor’s office has also been a help.  Jack Bullock, Assistant DA asked Fran to go over Pictometery from the assessor’s office. Fran discussed the system and how it helps in her cases. Laurie, the Pershing County Assessor also spoke on how the system works for them as well.               

  1. Public Input: Carl Clinger updated information about the public lands bill and the acreage being sold. The county has received their draft water management plan. Carl also spoke about the water issue in the Grass Valley Area.
  2. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM and please display your house numbers!


Kim Klemish

Secretary, Grass Valley Advisory Board