Grass Valley Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 25th, 2019

Attending Board Members: Board members: Sean Burke, Kim Klemish & Tish Barringer.

  1. Meeting Called to Order: 7:04 PM
  2. Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. The October minutes were approved as submitted.
  4. Public Input: Cletus advised that there was garbage along the road again in front of his place and he has cleaned it up but is happening often and reminded us about securing the loads going to the dump.
  5. Current upcoming Events – We did Turkey Bingo and there was approx. 60 people which was a great turn out. Sherriff Allen said that our Turkey Bingo was great and Sean thanked our Sheriff as he was our excellent bingo caller. Sean also brought up our other event being the Town Hall Meeting and the Fire Department has provided the food. The Democratic Party has asked to use our center for a Democratic Caucus but that has not been very successful and has not scheduled anything as of yet. The Community Center has been being used a little more often, with the Grange.  Sean asked about ideas of other events? Rummage sale, garage sale, craft fair, road clean up, etc? Any thoughts?  Tori asked about having another Bingo.  She also brought up the idea of a health fair? Sean is going to look into having a health fair.  Commissioner Rackley did say that Pershing General does a Wellness Tuesday and Friday at this time. You can get different tests at lower rate. Tori also asked about working with the Red Cross about safety and CPR Classes etc also disaster drills.  Cletus asked about the fire in Lovelock. Sean also stated that we will not have a December meeting in 2020. December 21st at 1:30 is the next meeting for the Silver Sage Grange.  There are some events scheduled and is posted on the website.
  6. Update from Paul Schlehr from discussion at the last County Commissioner meeting: Paul was unable to attend, however Sean was there and is going to have Commissioner Rackley give the update.
  7. Update from County Commissioner: Commissioner Rackley advised us that the cattle fence has been contracted out with Quinten Boyle for the repairs and he will be out in the area making the repairs. Artistic Fence was out at the transfer site making the repairs on the backstop. The County has sent out the letter to the Postmaster requesting the zip code for our area. The Pershing County surcharge fee for 911 went up from .25 cents to $1.00 as this will hopefully fund the 911 system for the Sherriff. Please if you make a call look at your bill and see what county it’s going too. Commissioner Rackley also spoke about a proposal to raise the diesel fuel tax that is being discussed. It would be clear diesel not dyed.
  8. Sheriff’s Office – Report & update: Sherriff Allen thanked us for inviting him to call the Bingo, as he had a great time. The only concerns lately is some cattle issues. The Sherriff also spoke about open burning to please call dispatch and let them know. A resident spoke that they had been trying to call and they don’t get an answer. Sherriff Allen is going to work with him to figure out why his call isn’t going through. We have had a few dog calls around the area lately but seems to be less.  A resident asked about the rules for burning etc. Sean said that there is am ordinance for controlled burning on the bulletin board, and you need to be reasonable and be responsible. Be cautious of the wind, etc. Cletus asked about new recruites. Have we had any luck? The Sherriff said that we haven’t had luck, however is trying to get someone to come back to the area. When at full staff they would have 15 including the Sherriff, detention & patrol. Sherriff Allen briefly spoke of the fire in Lovelock.  They don’t know the cause.  They lost 3 buildings, everyone was evacuated in the apartments, and they were able to save the old bank building and the depot.  There is a lot of smoke damage etc.

Sean gave the update for the Fire Department – they are at approx 75 calls so far for the year. A lot of the calls this time of the year are heating sources.  Be cautious of stoking the fire and leaving the pellets running on your fire places as this can be dangerous.  Be sure to have your chimney cleaned out approx once a year is recommended.  Please take your ashes out in a metal bucket.  Make sure your venting and piping is correct thickness for your application.

  1. Guest Speaker – Laureen Basso Cerini – Pershing County Assessor: Laureen said that they have had to seek out a new computer vendor/software program as the old program is no longer available. She spoke of some of the changes as far as the forms/letters that will be being sent out. She would like everyone to look at their assessments and please call if they see something that doesn’t look right so they can correct it, as it’s a new system and there will be mistakes/bugs/glitches etc. Cletus asked if she could give a description of what the assessor does. Laureen replied that she is a working assessor which means she is certified appraiser by the state. She is not a fee appraiser she cannot tell you what your property is worth. They have a small satellite office for the DMV. They also process the recorded deeds, performs the real property appraisals and asses any new structures, re-costing and evaluating every 5 years.  They will send out a letter stating they will be in the area.  A resident asked how land values are gathered. Laureen asked to get his information so she could look into his parcel and verify it is correct.  Also, the smaller the parcel are more sought after and is more valuable. Tori asked about getting some sort of list as she has heard that residents said that their taxes go up if they paint or just do improvements, so that is a reason some people don’t want to clean up their property. The county does not charge for landscaping or painting. If you change your siding, roofing etc then your tax will change.  Conex’s are taxed due to the Department of taxation has said they are taxable.  A resident asked about the taxes for the school bonds. Laureen said she’s not sure how to talk about the school bonds as that is not her area as she is an appraiser.  Lacy, creates the tax bill and knows how each line item is distributed.  Lacy was going to ride with Laureen, however could not make it. Residents are concerned about the amount of taxes for School bonds.  Sean also stated that Pershing County does pay Humboldt County for our students in the area.  We have school busses as well. A resident asked about China Springs as its on the tax bill and doesn’t know what/where it is.  Sean advised us that it a juvenile facility south of Yerington. Sean thanked Laureen for coming out to our meeting and speaking with us. Laureen closed with please feel free to call, stop by etc. with any questions, as they are very willing to help and go over any concerns.
  2. Public Input – None.
  3. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM and please display your house numbers!


Kim Klemish

Secretary, Grass Valley Advisory Board