Attending Board Members: Board members: Sean Burke, Linda Workman, Kim Klemish, Tish Barringer & Paul Schlehr.


  1. Meeting Called to Order: 7:00 PM
    1. Pledge of Allegiance.
    2. The August minutes were approved as submitted.
  2. Public Input: Tracy Guinn our field registar stated that our early voting will be held at the Annette Stripe Community Center on October 27th from 10am – 2pm. The General Election November 6th from 7am – 7pm. The dump was brought up for discussion, as its been overflowing and full all the time. Carol Shank advised that they have been calling Hoss as well. Dan Hill has been forwarded various pictures and dates. They are working on the situation. The burn pit will be burned soon, the fire dept has just been waiting for cooler weather. Mrs. Brown asked about Mason and now that there are more residents they cannot keep with the upkeep of the road. Carol asked for Mrs. Brown to speak with her after the meeting to get the particulars. Rick Gourley said that people are racing down Mason road and was wondering about the speed limit on rural roads. Mason is not posted. Sean stated that in the past that the rural roads should be 35 MPH, if not otherwise posted.
  3. Update from Paul Schlehr from discussion at the last County Commissioner meeting.

Paul and Sean attended the last County Commissioner meeting. Paul said that Sean was going to take care of the pull handles on our exit doors.  Sean said that since John Handka the buildings and grounds supervisor had the NDF crew come out and take care of the weeds at the Community Center that the Fire Dept will be able to burn the weeds soon as the weather allows. There are a few more repairs that needs to be taken care of at the Community Center such as the leak in the office. We are looking for a contractor that might be interested in quoting the repair.

  1. Update from County Commissioners. Carol Shank was the attending Commissioner. Carol is working on the Centennial planning committee. Pershing County will be 100 years old this next year and working on festivities for the whole County. Carol has also been working on the Unionville cemetery. Have been working on getting the property to transfer from BLM to County property. It has been a very long process but is getting close. Carol spoke about the Lands Bill. Carol also spoke about the solar project that is supposed to be going in the Oreana Area. The County is hearing the special use permit on October 3rd if anyone would like to attend. Carol also mentioned that she is running for County Commissioner re-election and does have an opponent but would appreciate your vote as she does have experience. Carl Clinger also spoke about the solar project.
  2. Sheriff’s Office Report & Update. No report.
  3. Fire Department Report & Update. Sean gave out some handouts for fire safety as October is fire safety month. He spoke about various ideas regarding household fires. Sean went through the flyer which discussed kitchen fires, heating/heat lamps, extension cords, space heaters etc. Sean also reminded anyone with fire places make sure to sweep/clean the chimney. Sean reminded us to make sure to have a good fire extinguisher around. Tori asked about a gas meter. Sean said that propane and natural gas are ordorized. If you had a leak you would smell it. The meter that Sean reccommeds is a carbon monoxide detector, as its deadly.
  4. Guest Speaker – Humboldt General Hospital CEO, Art Frable. Art spoke about the challenges/goals, quality & cost of healthcare, physicians & the hospital. He was an excellent speaker with a lot of great information.
  5. Public Input: John Shank brought up the rumor/comment that Washoe County wants to annex the part of land that burning man is held on and have that be Washoe County. Tori asked about the Hoss Disopsal trucks speeding down the roads, if that has been addressed. Paul said that the Pershing County Hospital offers a wellness check on the 1st Friday or the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Paul will be getting a flyer to post at the Community Center. Carl Clinger with the Big Meadow Conservation District just wanted to let us know that they support the solar project.  Carl also spoke about a local workgroup meeting to look at all natural resources to assist NRCS programs. The meeting is October 22nd from 10am-2pm at the Community Center in Lovelock and anyone may attend.
  6. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM and please display your house numbers!


Kim Klemish

Secretary, Grass Valley Advisory Board