Attending Board Members: Board members: Sean Burke, Kim Klemish, Linda Workman, Tish Barringer & Paul Schlehr.

  1. Meeting Called to Order: 7:00 PM
    1. Pledge of Allegiance.
    2. The March minutes were approved as submitted.
  2. Public Input: No public Input.
  3. Update from Paul Schlehr from discussion at the last County Commissioner meeting.

Paul Schlehr & Sean Burke attended the last meeting. They reported the leaking roof in the office of the community center and would like handles on the doors, so we can shut in the wind. They complimented on the transfer site as it seems to be better and Sean spoke about the burn site. Spoke about getting signage for the burn pit area. Candidate’s night and our May meeting will be May 21st, 2018.             

  1. Update from County Commissioners.

Mr. McDougal attended. He said the transfer site seems to be getting better and also discussed the burn area. He verified what Paul and Sean just spoke about. Sean asked about the Hydro electric power generating station & NV Energy maybe lacking something needed/issues etc.? Mr. McDougal said that Mr. Rackley also is a consultant for the Pershing County Water District, as he has worked for NV Energy.  Mr. McDougal stated that the district did get everything installed, the generator had problems, had it fixed reinstalled etc. They got the rebate and when it came time to fully test the NV Energy side of the project is incapable of handling the full load it can generate. The water district has completed everything on their side but NV Energy has to complete their end.

  1. Sheriff’s Office Report & Update.

Sherriff Alan said they have been in the area to enforce speed in the area. They have been putting the trailer out as well. They have 2 openings and stated that 2 members of our Grass Valley area have applied. Sean asked about Burning Man.  The founder has passed away & just wondering if that will affect the festival.   Sherriff Alan said that more than likely they will have special events/celebrations set aside/spread ashes etc. The search and rescue had been out at seven troughs range.  Approx 25 people were out. However, the gentleman was well prepared and just was in the wrong canyon at dark & ended up making it back to the base camp.  Jack and Cindy Pardick are the only Grass Valley residents that are part of the Pershing County Search and Rescue group. The lady in White Canyon is still missing and the case is still open.  Sean asked about the 2 open positions/process.  Sheriff Alan said that there is a process takes 4-6 months and academy training etc. There have been several applicants. 

  1. Fire Department Report & Update.

Sean stated it has been calm as of now. They have met with BLM already and are ready for the upcoming season. They are expecting another season similar to last year.  The burn ban is weather related and is open now, but just depends on how fast it dries out. Please call dispatch and let them know when you are burning.  Currently has 16 member can have up to 18. They are always interested in new candidates. 

  1. Jeff Knight – Dept of AG Entomologist.

                Mr. Knight spoke about the Mormon crickets and grasshoppers in our area. He spoke about his program to control the grasshoppers and Mormon crickets on public land. If you would like more information you can visit or email him at

  1. Public Input: Jack Pardick has a few Vietnam Veteran raffle tickets for sale.
  2. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 8:09 PM and please displays your house numbers!


Kim Klemish

Secretary, Grass Valley Advisory Board