Attending Board Members: Board members: Sean Burke, Linda Workman, Kim Klemish, Tish Barringer & Paul Schlehr.

  1. Meeting Called to Order: 9:28 AM
  2. Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. The February minutes were approved as submitted.
  4. There were 25 Residents and 5 Board Members present for the March meeting
  5. Public Input: None.
  6. Update from last Commissioner meeting – Paul updated us on the last County Commission meeting that the speed limit was approved to change at the Marvel Ranch on S. Grass Valley Road. The County IT dept is getting 4 computers. They need to be cleaned then will be distributed. There is a meeting on the 27th on the routing of I11 in Winnemucca. There is information being gathered for Farr West concerning the water in the area. Paul mentioned the backstop at the transfer station is in need of repair. Mr. McDougal is not going to be able to make this meeting. Sean reminded everyone of our Candidates night Monday, May 21st, at 7PM.
  7. Linda Workman – Update on Mormon cricket & grasshopper meeting.

                They are saying we are not going to have a bad Mormon cricket or grasshopper season this year. If you are by BLM Land & you start seeing them we can call Mr. Jeff Knight (775) 353-3767 w/Dept of Ag out of Sparks, NV. And they might be able to put together a fly over laying out the bait. They are not giving out free bait this year, as it has been applied incorrectly in the past.  You can buy bait at Ron’s and Simplot. They also said to not just pour on the ground to toss in the air so it lands on where they are eating not just the ground.  Herschel side is the clear wing grasshoppers and on the Sonoma side is the Mormon crickets.

  1. Sheriff’s Office Report & Update.

                 Sheriff Allen introduced the new Deputy in our area. Deputy Nicholson is new to our area but not new to the County. Deputy Nicholson will be splitting the time with Deputy Reed. They are still placing the radar station out as speeding is still a concern. Tish asked about crime in the area.  Sheriff Allen said we don’t have anything really going on. Lovelock has increased but not out here. Sean asked about Narcotics overdoses in Lovelock and Sheriff Allen stated that unfortunately there has been an increase in the Lovelock area.

  1. Fire Department Report & Update.

                Sean updated about the upcoming fire season is going to be like last years. It’s been quite as far as fires but has had an increase in medical calls. Please wear seatbelts! Introduced some of the Fire Department members as Captain Greg Theiss, Lieutenant Zak Johnson, Niko Abalos, Lieutenant Nathan Moles, that were here to cook us lunch. Don asked about the tumble weed pile up on Youngberg, Sean said he would look into it.

  1. Pershing County Board of Commissioners.

                Larry Rackley advised that the Chair, Rob McDougal was not able to make it, however himself and Carol Shank were here. Larry opened with the Presentation of Resolution #18-02-01 designating the Grass Valley Community Center as the “Annette Stripe Grass Valley Community Center”. The presentation, in honor of Annette Stripe was read by Carol. The Commissioners adopted the resolution on February 21st, 2018. The picture frame is ordered and Annette’s picture alongside the resolution will be displayed at the Community Center.

Larry opened the floor for comments. Jack Pardick said Thank you to the road department in Dutchman Acres is really appreciated. Ron Swenta asked about the potholes on Muddy Road. Carol advised that Dan has Muddy Road on his radar and just needs the weather to be better so they could come out and patch the potholes.

Ron also asked about the area from Muddy to Youngberg on Herschel was graveled. Years ago Ron wanted to pay for the gravel if they could gravel the rest of the way to his property on Logan and was told No that they could not do that. Larry said that Logan is not a County Road. Roger Richards said that it is not on the right of way either. Carol asked Ron if he would still be interested in providing the gravel. Ron said it needs a lot more work than just gravel as he has had to work on it with his tractor. Tish asked about Grass Valley Road from the cattle guard to Muddy Road. Sean said that he has spoke with Dan and its going to have to be put on the long term plan.  Sean asked for an update on the Pershing County Lands Bill. Larry said it’s passed in the house and in subcommittee for senate but has not acted on it. Larry stated that it has a lot of promises as both Senators are in favor of it now. Carol said the anticipation of it should pass before the end of the year. Whether the bill passes or not they are taking the steps to acquire the Unionville cemetery and the additional land around it for further use. This has been in the works for quite a while, 20 years or more. The mines are very much in support of the lands bill so they have paid for a lobbyist to meet with the government. Ranches are also trying to buy some land from the BLM and it’s such a long process so this would help speed up the process.  When it passes there will be a committee formed to review everything before a recommendation goes before the commissioners. No land will be sold without the commission’s approval and those recommendations would then go to the Secretary of the Interior. BLM doesn’t have the resources to manage it but will be pushed into doing it. Sean asked how many acres would be involved? Bryce said approx 150,000 acres would be involved. Sean asked if it would have any impact in lieu of taxes we get from the federal government?  Carol said she doesn’t think it will. The bill that just passed, Pilt (Payment in lieu of taxes) is at a higher rate that it has been. Funds for 2 years so they can build the budget with that, has been approx one million, which is a huge portion of the Pershing County budget. Laureen Basso Cerini asked how they surveying will be done. Carol said as she understands it will be done by the BLM. Sean brought up the meeting about the I 11 highway and asked if they had any information on it. Carol said there are lots of meetings and discussion going on.  Larry brought up the transfer site and how to solve some of the issues, such as volunteers, etc. He also told us about the recycling center program in Lovelock has in effect and do we think it would work out here?   They recycle cardboard, cans etc. and has been very successful. Introduced Barbara Rackley, the coordinator for the recycling center.  She explained the process of volunteers and the duties involved. It was brought up that there used to be plastic bags at the Community Center to hold plastic and they were supposed to be separated at the Landfill. Carol said that if we were interested in recycling we would need to still get it to Lovelock. Larry asked if we had someone interested in heading up some kind of start for recycling he would help us get it going. Kim said we could put it on an agenda to see if there would be any interest. Carol said that they have included in the budget to repair the fencing for the Livestock free area. Sean brought up the area for burning yard debris and asked the status. We would really like to try it.  John Shank brought up some ideas to get the recycling from Grass Valley to Lovelock. Kim Klemish asked about the Economic Development Authority update. Larry said there’s a lot going on.  It’s based on how we make the County/City better, how to expand, how to bring in new companies etc. There is a community meeting April 5 for Community input.  Sean asked about any projects/partnerships that are being worked on. Larry stated that we have an Economic Development person, Heidi. She is always out promoting the County. Individuals have put up billboards representing local business.   Lock Your Love in Lovelock is provided by the Recreation Board.   Carol said that all of the land has sold there at USA Parkway and that Fernley has an Industrial Area and that it is coming our way. People from Tesla are living in Lovelock and commuting.  The rentals and housing also needs to support the growth.  Cindy Pardick with the Northern Nevada ATV, asked about the Community input meeting on April 5th.  She is wondering about putting Pershing County on the map with a trail for UTV/ATV. Larry said yes for sure to come to the meeting, that’s exactly what it’s for. Tish asked about the old Community Center. Linda said that it’s just a home now, as it’s a modular building it could not get the permits as the floor will not hold the weight for the freezers, etc. There was discussion of Winnemucca growth.  The housing shortage in Lovelock was brought up. Carol said there is a developer that has the area to build but is interested in what is needed. As he gets commitments he will start building.  The growth here in Grass Valley seems to be camp trailers, hoping they turn into something more permanent. The code enforcer has been working with various properties in the area.  Sean asked about the water issue. The Rye Patch Dam Project for power has been completed. Is the water flowing through yet? Due to the recent storms water has not been released from Rye Patch yet. Carl Clinger, Chairman Pershing County Big Meadow Conservation District, said they are concerned about all natural resources – Water, Air, Water, Soil, etc. They are going to reserve a little for next year as we never know from year to year. He’s very excited to see power generated soon. Carl brought up that there is not enough water in the area. Sean asked about the funds obtained from the project  – who will get that money? Carl said that it will go into the district to offset putting it in.  Sean asked about Tesla diverting water from the basin that the C-Punch is in. Is there any news on this?  Larry said that has been protested. Carol said they protest anything that would want to take water out of the County.

  1. Public Input.


  1. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 10:46 AM. Please join us for a Spaghetti lunch provided by the Fire Dept.



Kim Klemish

Secretary, Grass Valley Advisory Board