Grass Valley Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes

Monday, October 30, 2017


Attending Board Members:

Vice Chair: Linda Workman-Board Members: Sean Burke and Kim Klemish

  1. Sean called the meeting to order at 7PM
    1. Pledge of Allegiance.
    2. September minutes were approved as written.
  2. Public Input:
    1. Justin Ely w/Dept of AGriculture spoke on the cattle problem and legal fencing. Nevada is a fence out state. It is the property owners responsibility to put up the correct fencing. Cattle guards are not legal fencing.
    2. James Anderson talked about keeping his cattle off other peoples property and other issues dealing with his property/fencing.
    3. DA Bryce Shields talked about ranching in this state and county commissioners to create a cattle free zone. The county is supposed to take care of the fence between BLM and county/state. Title 6 of the county code. Copies of all codes will be available at the community center.
    4. You can check all fencing and cattle rights online.
  3. Event Planning: Turkey Bingo on Nov 17, 2017 at 7PM. Raffle tickets are being sold. Younglife is provinding snacks for the evening. Ten cards for $10. Sean, Kim and Linda to get prizes.
  4. DA – Bryce Shields introduced our new code enforcer Fran Machado. She talked about complaints on existing properties and everything is confidential. She talked about fencing and the materials you can use.
  5. Sherriff update – They are giving one person a job offer. There is also an increase of burglary in South Grass Valley. Talked about the goats at the Community Center and who gave permission to be up there.
  6. Fire Dept update – Construction is done & the burn ban has been lifted.
  7. Public Input:
    1. The goats had permission from Sonoma Ranch to graze the land.  They talked about grazing rights. They talked about the legalization of marijuana in Pershing County. The county wants to hear from the people of the Countyif they want marijuana establishments, as far as growing or medical.  The appointment of the open board positions was tabled at the last Commissioners meeting.
  8. Meeting Adjorned
  9. Submitted:
  10. Linda Workman
  11. Vice Chairman
  12. Grass Valley Advisory Board